Hackadme Manifesto of Collaborative Learning

We are discovering the best ways to train highly mature professionals to act in the most diverses challenges and scenarios that the market imposes. In this way, we started to value:

Learning over Certification

The Knowledge Journey over a few hours in the Classroom

Shared Experiences over Trainer Monologues

Focus on People over Content Exposure

That is, even though there is value in the items on the right,

we value the items on the left more.

With this matrix we want to contribute to the development of people and society, generating value through the acquisition of knowledge and its application in daily life. May certification be more than a stamp on the curriculum.

The Hackadme team

Michel Goldenberg started his Agile journey in 1998 when he read the first publication of the DSDM Book. In 2002 he had his first practical contact with XP and in 2009 he became CST for Scrum Alliance.

Raquel Silva started her Agile journey in 2012, works as an Agile Coach in the financial sector and has, among other certifications from Scrum Alliance: CSP-SM, CSP-PO, CTC. Instructor for ICAgile,  Systems Coach (ORSC) and a Path to CSP Educator.

Nuno Costa joined the Agile world in 2009. Trainer in behavioural and management areas. Dedicated to helping companies to leverage and develop business.

Axel W Berle has worked for more than 20 years as an international consultant in various sectors of the IT industry. Today, his specialties are techniques and workshops for agile quality like BDD, TDD, Specification by Example (SbE) and he has already lectured in Brazil and the United States. Since 2017, he has been providing training for Scrum Alliance.


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